How to use our discount quote tool:

    Before you begin: Review our menu choices to decide which one is right for you and make sure you have the approximate date and number of guests.

  1. Select either Get Event Price or Get Wedding Price button at the top of the page

  2. Choose which YEAR by checking the box

  3. Choose specific DAY OF WEEK by checking the box

  4. Select NUMBER OF GUESTS by checking the box

  5. Choose your MENU by checking the box


  7. Click to SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT or CONTACT US with any questions.

  8. The Price Quote is PRINTABLE and can be downloaded and shared

  9. Choose RESTART if you want to change choices for different price combinations

  10. Check our PRICING TIPS below for how to save even more off your next occasion


Pricing Tips

  1. The dollar signs next to choices represent your total cost from lowest ($) to highest ($$$)

  2. Adjust the YEAR, DAY OF WEEK, and/or MENU to adjust your discount and price

  3. Off-peak months (Jan.-Mar.) will save you additional money for your wedding or event

  4. Get 50% off the room charge and menu discounts for Friday Night, Saturday Day and Sunday

  5. Midweek corporate events, banquets or weddings is always the maximum discount.

  6. Last minute pricing will save you even more money off your event or wedding